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YOUR food MIX Program


Since we started this program we have seen so many overall health improvements. After the first couple of weeks we experienced weight loss, swelling in my husbands knee decreased and the swelling in my feet and hands decreased. We noticed increased energy with a desire to exercise where as before we had to push ourselves to get to the gym.

The food has been so delicious and our cravings for gluten and sugar have decreased. We are enjoying foods we had never tried before and we have found so many things to replace what we used to love without feeling deprived. We found that many of these foods like eggs and gluten ended up causing us stomach issues and bloating. I was also pleasantly surprised each day when my kids rave about the recipes!
Another great benefit has been a decrease in my husbands snoring!

We are now 6 weeks into the program and I am back to my ideal weight and my husband has lost 20 lbs! This is a program that has been a life changer for us and we will continue on it because it’s healthy, delicious and it works!
Thank you Connie for teaching us, encouraging us and walking alongside us to make these changes that have changed our health!


Julie and Richard, Boca Raton, FL


This has been the year of “letting it go” and really working on Karen. To that end I have worked with Stacy McDonough Surgent who is an expert in Energy Access Bars and with Connie Elsner Costello an expert nutritionist.

Since June I have lost 35 lbs many inches and many negative thoughts. My cholesterol is down 30 points. In 2013 my cholesterol was 199 today its 169. My triglycerides were 274, and now 149. My ratio was 4.9 now 3.9. my glucose was 125 now 103.

My business has boomed this summer like never before and I am in a place I could have never imagined 6 months ago. These 2 woman have changed the course of my life. If you are not happy with who you are, where you are in life, or what you look like, Stacy and Connie are the best people ever to help you live a better life. thank you from the bottom of my heart for enabling me to find myself, put myself first and to live the life I always dreamt of. Connie, thank you this has been the best experience in terms of eating I have ever had!


Karen R., Boca Raton, FL


“My wife and I singed up for Connie’s YOUR food MIX program. After 3 months I lost 21 pounds, I no longer needed my afternoon nap and slept better at night. I discovered that I have sensitivities to certain foods particularly dairy and gluten. I am now eating better foods. YOUR food MIX program was a rewarding experience.


Jim R., Boca Raton, FL


This is a personal testimonial for Connie Costello and the positive health effects I have experienced from the nutritional changes that I have incorporated into my daily routine. With the guidance of Mrs. Costello I have actively modified some of my dietary habits for the past 4 months including the elimination and addition of certain foods. I have also changed certain personal habits that I also believe have contributed to these positive results.

I have virtually eliminated sugar, white pasta, white rice, bread, processed food, fried food, soda, flour and red meat from my diet. I have increased my intake of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, seeds, beans and greens including sprouts, kale, and cabbage. I have also incorporated fresh juice into my diet a few times a week. I have lowered the portion size I eat at dinner but snack more frequently. The results are that I have more energy, sleep better and I have lost weight. My mental state is improved and I am more productive throughout the day. I was already at a good weight but I am losing the beer handles common in men my age. My exercise routine that I was already disciplined with has contributed to this weight loss. Most of the food I have been eating is organic and I am careful to read labels when I purchase food. I also eat more food raw.

The most drastic result is that my total cholesterol count has decreased to under 160 (previously was around 200 w/ medication). My HDL (good Cholesterol) has increased and I am on my way to lowering my dosage and/or eliminating Zocor which I have been on for approximately 6 years. Connie has fine tuned my diet and made me realize that lifestyle changes also effect one’s overall health. Commuting less, daily exercise and taking on a new sport/activity have all helped me achieve better results in my overall health. It is with great confidence that I recommend a consultation with Connie Costello to anyone looking to begin a new path in improving and or optimizing their overall health and well being.


Richard L. Powers, Jupiter, FL


It has been a rewarding experience to work with Connie.

My acid reflux is under control after Connie provided me with a helpful list of food items to avoid.

Weight loss – I have tried to lose weight many times before, I’ve never done anything quite like this. I have done quick fix solutions in the past that take the weight off and put it back on once old habits resume. This is sustainable, a healthier way to eat delicious foods that I was not used to, but have become part of my lifestyle now. I have lost 11 lbs in the short time I have worked with Connie. Other benefits are: More in control of my sugar cravings, eating more vegetables, less meat, less alcohol and coffee.

I am still working on my bad habit energy and tendency to self-sabotage, and Connie is helping me make the transition to permanent healthy habits as well as giving me the emotional support I need to do so.
If you are trying to change your lifestyle to include better eating habits and looking for solid support while doing so,
I highly recommend working with Connie!

Deb D., Boca Raton, FL


“If your finally ready to take charge of your life and make wise decisions when it comes to what to eat and how foods affect your body, then Connie Costello is your go-to person. Her intelligence, sensitivity and holistic approach to nutrition inspired me to look at nutrition in a new light. In less than two months Connie helped me take the steps necessary to completely heal my digestion problems, which has allowed me to regain my passion for life. Her attention to detail, recaps of our sessions, nutritious recipes and weekly encouragement made all the difference in the world. Your program changed my life and the way I look at food. Thank you for believing in me.”

William K.,Jupiter, FL
CEO/Executive Director
Youth Speak Out International


This has been an eye opening adventure! Not only did I lose 6 pounds in the very 1st week, but also more importantly, I have learned so much about food, types of food, amount of food and also taste of food. I’ve learned that my taste buds have been robbed of the simplicity and deliciousness of real food.


I originally started this and called on Connie, because I was desperate to lose weight and gain energy. I was tired of feeling like a sloth. I was able to accomplish what I wanted because of Connie & her program. She started me off with documents and things to read. I printed each one as she sent them, took notes and prepared. I assume everyone is different but I need time to digest it all and even do my shopping. She was very patient as to when I wanted to start, she always made double sure that “I” was ready. Everything was easy. She literally spoon fed me and held my hand the whole way. I felt like I was hounding her, but she would actually text me as I was thinking or in the middle of texting her! She answered every question I had. I felt as if she was sometimes standing right next to me. (I’m in Texas and she’s in Florida!). I am feeling light, energized & I’m enjoying food, believe it or not, more than ever, more than when I use to just pick up a cookie, chips, banana, chocolate, whatever whenever I wanted. I have a much greater appreciation for food, which for me is almost as wonderful as the weight loss! My energy has spiked and I’m enjoying exercise a lot more. My skin is smoother and softer. My aches and pains are literally gone; I feel fresh and clean, inside and out!

My adventure has been great. Connie’s ongoing support was and is amazing and I could not have done it without her. I plan to continue this great feeling, tasteful, light, energizing adventure!!

Mary Katherine E.,
Austin, TX


My lucky day was when Connie introduced me to her program to loose weight. I couldn’t believe how the pounds just kept melting off. I lost 14 lbs. in 5 weeks. The best part of this program is the knowledge I have learned about good nutritional and healthy foods. I feel great, my joints don’t hurt, no bloated stomach, no heart burn, my sinuses cleared up and I have so much energy. I love the compliments from my husband and friends. To give me support my husband did the program with me. His reward was loosing 16 lbs. and he feels awesome. He also looks great in his slender body.

Ava C.,
Pembroke Pines, FL,