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61 Amazing Facts About Weight Loss That You Hardly Knew

With rising cases of obesity and increased health implications, excess weight has been a center of attention in the
recent years. While most of us know it to be a bad thing, not many pay attention when it comes to maintaining the right weight. Listed below are 61 facts about weight loss that not many of us would have ever known:

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The Fat Cells

  1. Each adult has about 50 billion fat cells. A remarkable comparison would state that there facts about weight lossare more number of
    fat cells in one’s body than the number of people on this planet.
  2. The life of a fat cell is only 7 years. While you thought that ends the game here, be informed that it gets replaced with a new one instantly. Our body is intelligent enough to keep a track of the number of fat cells it has along with the amount of fat in it.
  3. Each fat cell has the potential to expand up to 10 times its normal size.
  4. As per a research, it is believed there are over 100 kinds of fat genes. These genes have the potential of developing type 2 diabetes and make people gain weight.
  5. Regular exercise coupled with healthy nutrition makes the fat cells in form of deflated balloons. Fat cells are not killed but are reduced in size.
  6. It’s impossible to reduce the number of fat cells within a body. However, right diet coupled with regular exercise can make these cells smaller.
  7. New fat cells only emerge during childhood. They stop appearing after adolescence.
  8. The only areas where you won’t find fat cells are esophagus, groin, penis, and eyelids.
  9. There are individuals who have twice the amount of fat when compared to other people. Moreover, cells of the obese people have a tendency of holding more fat.
  10. Several studies conducted among twins have shown that the fat cells in the heavier twin undergo metabolic changes making it hard for them to burn fat. Even a minor increase of 11 pounds can slow down the metabolism rate contributing towards the further increase in weight.

Calories Burnt

  1. Each pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories.
  2. Quick facts about your activity if you are too eager to know how much calorie gets burned for a particular set of activity.
    1. Seated for an hour at your desk, you burn 83 calories, while standing there at the same time could burn 115 calories.
    2. Similarly, taking the elevator burns over 128 calories every hour, while taking the stairs would burn 509 calories.
    3. Sending an email to the coworker would burn 96 calories each hour, but walking to their office can burn up to 128 calories.
    4. Watching your favorite series on TV burns 96 calories each hour, but making out can burn 96 calories.
  3. More calories are utilized by the muscle to maintain itself as compared to any other body tissue. About 22 to 36 extra calories are burned for each pound of muscle added.

Workout and Moremaintaining your weight

  1. Maintaining your weight helps in increasing energy levels. This is a well-substantiated finding wherein lesser the weight means less energy used. Weight loss facilitates improved oxygen efficiency while reducing the huffing and puffing after any activity.
  2. If you do cardio excesses for more than 20 minutes, you are more likely to start burning your muscles instead of fat. These may include activities like walking on the treadmill,
    spinning or running.
  3. To facilitate a better fat burning mechanism it is advised to alter a minute of working out with high intensity. This should be followed by doing the same activity at a slower rate.

Liposuction and other Clinical Facts

  1. Removal of fat cells using liposuction might be a good idea to lose weight. However, the body with time grows new fat cells in those areas soon. Hence, additional measures after the treatment are essential to maintaining weight levels.
  2. Another weird fact about liposuction is that it only removes the fat that is beneath the skin. While the maximum fat that can be removed is only 2 to 3 pounds, liposuction does not facilitate intra-abdominal fat removal. This is the same fat that is often associated with heart diseases or even diabetes.
  3. Statistics claim that over 37,000 people across the USA had undergone bariatric surgery in the year 2000. The numbers had touched 220,000 in the year 2013.
  4. A striking 87% patients who undergo bariatric surgery have reported a change in their taste buds. As high as 50% of them told that food didn’t taste as good as it used to result in reduced consumption.

Food Habits & Weight Loss

  1. American Horace Fletcher had come up with a diet named Fletcherism. As per this diet, chewing a mouthful offood habits for weight loss a recommended food for over 32 times a day would have helped people to reduce weight and avoid diseases.
  2. Intake of artificial sweeteners confuses our body to store fat. Hence, it promotes weight gain.
  3. Another weird finding by Journal named Appetite points towards the fact that people who believed eating cake would make them feel guilty was less successful when it came to losing weight.
  4. The basic principles of virtually all diet books lay down 4 rules. First is to eat carbs through fiber or while grains. Secondly, avoid saturated fats and trans. Thirdly, include lean protein in your diet. Lastly, eat as many veggies and fruits as possible.
  5. If you are eating while sitting in front of your TV, you are more likely to gain weight. As per several studies, it was found that people who sat with their families while sitting on dining table weighed much less than the others sitting at other places.
  6. Moreover, if you stay at the table till others finish their lunch and have some meaningful conversations meanwhile, you are like lot weigh less.
  7. The popular Byron Diet had been named after Lord Byron who was a Victorian poet. He had a bizarre habit of eating potatoes after drenching them in vinegar to looking thinner.
  8. A research has proven that strong scent can be distracting and in-turn keep your mind off the appetite. Smelling peppermint, for instance, helps in decreasing hunger as well as caloric intake.
  9. Dark Chocolate helps in losing weight. Moderate intakes facilitate lower levels of abdominal fat and act as an antioxidant that fights inflammation and hence improves the metabolic functioning.
  10. A surprising result that was obtained while people were shown food. It showed to have activated parts of the brain that is activated in case of drug addicts. Further, it was added that people suffering from obesity might have fewer dopamine receptors. This means that in order to get a pleasurable reaction, they need to consume more food.
  11. Weird but true, usage of red plates while eating helps in reducing the amount of food intake. Although it sounds quite laughable but as red is often associated with stop or caution, the subconscious mind makes people stay aware about the food and the volumes they are eating.
  12. There are people who swallow tapeworms to lose weight. However, doing so can lead to a number of side-effects like diarrhea, nausea, or bloating. There is also a possibility of the tapeworms to lay eggs in any of the tissues inside the body that could prove fatal and cause dementia, meningitis or seizures.
  13. The risk of obesity increases by over 41% in cases of people who have diet soda on a daily basis.
  14. Less intake of sugar facilitates weight loss.
  15. Astonishingly a study claims that posting pictures of low-calorie food inside the fridge can contribute to weight loss. It claims that pictures can act as a subtle reminder to the person regarding their weight loss goals. A low-calorie pic in your smartphone can do the job as well.

Sleeping Patterns and its Relation

  1. Lack of sleep has a direct connection to weight gain. Inadequate sleep or unusual sleeping patterns can make sleeping for weight lossweight loss a distant dream. Many scientists have reported good sleeping patterns are the cheapest forms of obesity control medicines.
  2. Moreover, less sleep upsets the hormonal balance leading to decreased leptin levels and an increase in ghrelin levels. While the farther is responsible for making a person feel fuller, the latter is responsible for triggering hunger.
  3. It has been scientifically proven that weight loss alters our brain activity. To substantiate this claim a research recorded memory test levels among women over a 6-month weight loss program. Surprisingly, after weight loss, they showed signs of improved memory.
  4. Room temperatures within the bedroom can boost the weight loss efforts. The National Institute of Health Clinical Center has stated that people sleeping in bedrooms have temperatures of about 66° F can lose 7% more calories as compared to the ones sleeping in warmer conditions. The simple logic behind such a development is that fact that sleeping in cold conditions makes a body work much harder to maintain a stable temperature of 98.6°.
  5. The BMI of any person who sleeps late is bad as compared to the ones who go to bed early. The latter seems to have better food habits and find it easy to control weight.

Workplace, Mental Conditions, and Related Facts

  1. If you work at any of the disorganized workplaces, you are more likely to follow an unhealthy diet.
  2. Stress has a direct link to weight gain. Scientists believe stress triggers the cravings to have more carb-rich snacks that are responsible for calming the stress hormones. These hormones are likely to increase fat storage. Recommended practices under such cases include regular physical exercise and other relaxation techniques helping to control weight levels.
  3. Mood swings and depressions are a common side-effect of consuming weight loss pills.
  4. If you are one of those who sits at a single position for long hours, here is a bad news. Key fat burning enzymes along with the body shut down if seated in the same position for long hours. A research estimates the decrease in fat burning enzymes by over 50%. Surprisingly, even if you hit the gym for over 30 minutes, it is not enough to have a balancing impact for 8 hours of sitting.
  5. As compared to obese people. Leaner individuals move about 150 minutes more every day. A simple activity of getting off the chair and moving around every hour can help in turning on the fat burning enzymes and hence increasing the blood flow.
  6. People who take a need to travel a lot to reach their office are more likely to get obese. They also find it hard to lose weight when compared to people travelling lesser.

Health Problems & Implications

  1. Being overweight can invite several kinds of cancers. Scientists believe excess weight leads to inflammation causing cell changes within the body. However, a mere 5% reduction in body weight can decrease the inflammation levels substantially.
  2. It was in the early 1920s that the weight loss drugs came into existence. Most physicians used to recommend thyroid medications for healthy people in an attempt to facilitate weight loss.
  3. Arthritis symptoms can be reduced with weight loss.
  4. People who suffer from ear infections can also have a tough time losing weight. Taste nerves that run through the middle ear are believed to be damaged due to such infections. With damaged nerves, a person is more likely to have a higher craving for fatty and sweet food.

Women & Weight Loss

  1. In the case of obese pregnant women, the glucose, as well as free fatty acids floating within the womb, was comparatively higher than normal-weight pregnant women. It in-turn increase the risk of making their children suffer from obesity in later stages of life.
  2. Babies born to obese mothers are inclined to face an array of health related issues.
  3. Unhealthy and fatty food affects the development of metabolic systems in the brain of the fetus.
  4. A non-stressed women after having a high-fat meal is likely to burn about 104 more calories than a woman who has been stressed for the past 24 hours.
  5. Almost the entire female breasts are made up of fat. It is the reason why the breasts reduce in size before any other part of the body during weight loss.

Other Facts

  1. Global estimates predict over 1 billion overweight adults.
  2. Having sex in a healthy relationship helps in losing weight. Reports have shown that an hour of sex can burn as high as 500 calories. It also facilitates decreasing stress levels.
  3. If you pay by cash for your meals, you are more likely to buy healthy foods. Yes, this fact has been proved by a Journal named Obesity.
  4. A surprising revelation points that Americans eat food for almost all the reason besides the reason of being hungry. These reasons include plates, names, labels, colors, candles, family, friend, and everything you can think of besides “hunger”.
  5. A large sum of money is spent by Americans each year for dieting. While this figure touched $58.6 billion in 2008, the year 2012 saw over $60 billion spent.
  6. If you are hungry and shopping, you are more likely to buy junk food. So make sure you do your shopping after a heavy meal.


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