Seven Day Detox Online Program | Connie Costello Health Coach

7-Day Detox Online Program

Thanks Connie for the inspiration, tools and guidance during this detox. I never thought I could do it!
I was truly amazed by the abundance of energy I had from the foods and never really felt overly hungry. One day I played tennis for 1.5hrs then headed to the gym because I still had energy to burn! The snacks were satisfying and I enjoyed the new additions, especially the lentils and quinoa to my diet.

The elimination of dairy cured a 4year long constipation and a life-long sinus condition which I had to treat twice daily with nasal sprays. After 2 days I simply forgot to take the spray, no congestion! I don’t consume a lot of dairy but my morning Greek yogurt (which I thought was nice ‘n’ healthy) clearly was not working for me.

Going forward, I now enjoy one of Connie’s breakfast smoothies – which are still low in calories, SOOOO much more nutritious and definitely more satisfying.
 Not to mention the variety, never considered putting beets in a smoothie (Red Velvet) which was surprisingly yummy!

Aside from initial bloating and gas during the 1st 2 days, my body has since been very regular, which I thought was a myth!
Even noticed improved skin condition. Skin around my eyes which is often “bloated”, “baggy” has smoothed out, more taut. I thought the baggy eyes was age-related and hereditary. My mom was the same…
Going forward I plan to incorporate a lot of the nutrient packed ingredients I have been introduced to into my (and my boyfriend’s) daily diet. It does take effort & preparation but what better investment that in your own health and that of your loved ones. Bravo Connie!!!

Julie C.,
Miami, FL


In one week with Connie’s detox program I honestly feel like I have taken control of myself. Her meal plan is full of creative and delicious recipes which are easy to make. Plus having 3 meals and snacks in between you don’t have time to get hungry. And following Connie’s plan with a soothing bath every night seemed more like a spa week, what a treat!

During the week I lost 5 pounds, the bloating was gone in 2 days and I was very surprised that my energy level was so great! Which I need being a very busy and active person.

The detox was just what I needed to jump start my routine of clean and healthy eating! I can’t tell you how many people told me I looked great after my detox week and what’s even better is that I feel great!

Jennifer A.,
Homosassa, FL


I highly recommend Connie’s detox program. It made me try some new recipes that I will definitely make again in the future. It also introduced me to some healthy ingredients that I love. The food was delicious and plentiful. I already ate pretty healthy overall, but doing the detox is helping me break some bad eating habits. Now I know I will be able to substitute some of the healthy snacks for the chips I used to eat in the evenings.

Connie was very helpful and supportive throughout the entire week and took a lot of time to answer all our questions. I believe this is the way everyone should eat to have the best health possible. So many people believe our health is decided by our genes, but I have learned that our food is a much larger factor. This is a great way to jump in and see how your body will react to some pure, nutritious fuel instead of eating the standard American diet which is slowly killing so many.

Paula, S.,
Boca Raton, FL


“I truly learned a lot in a short amount of time during Connie’s 7-day fall detox program. I thought I was eating pretty healthy before but now I know what happens to my body when I give it ‘real’ food. I felt so much more energetic and clear minded. I was not able to follow the program exactly as I ended up having to attend a lot of lunch and dinner meetings which made it real challenging. I did the best I could and lost weight anyway–I lost 6lbs!! I did enjoy the meals I was able to make and Connie’s support throughout the program was very helpful. ”

Lantana, FL


This was a big challenger form me! I ejoyed most of the foods very much. It was a lot of cooking, but it was all worth it! I lost 6 pounds (yeah!). I will try to continue with this diet (but I have to add my glass of wine). Thank you Connie, this is the first time I do a detox. Also thanks Paula for getting me into this. Thanks Connie again.

Teresa C.
Boca Raton, FL


I would like to share how wonderful I feel after doing my detox with Connie Costello. I lost 6 pounds during the week, my level of energy is super high, and I don’t even need to drink coffee in the morning.

I love all the recipes. There were some products I have never tried before and I will buy them again. The water with lemon and ginger is excellent.The smoothies are fabulous! I make them all the time and enjoy them a lot.

I would do this detox again any time, feeling strong and healthy.

Marilyn R.,
Delray Beach, FL


I lost 5 pounds during the one week detox with Connie Costello. Her support was inspiring. The foods were delicious. I particularly enjoyed the burrito bowl. Toward the end of the week I was waking up energized and I was able to resist the carb temptations at work. It’s amazing how eating well for only a few days can feel so good. Thanks Connie for a great week.

Clare M.,
Lighthouse Point, FL


The spring detox was amazing. The meals were easy to prepare and delicious. On Day 3 of the detox I regained my energy, my digestion improved and I had an over all feeling of clarity. The vein in my legs lightened and the overall appearance of my legs was firmer. My husband decided to join me in the detox and it has been life changing for both of us. I challenge everyone to take just 7 days to see how this detox can change you body, your mind and your future 🙂

Alyson B.,
Boca Raton, FL


Connie’s spring detox program and support was a wonderful way to learn HOW to use new healthy foods/ingredients. I never felt I was missing anything, I always felt satisfied and full. I really enjoyed the use of beans for protein instead of meat. I was exposed to new vegetables and how to use them that will now become part of our meals. Planning is key during the week since the lunches can be time consuming but the experience is definitely worth it. Thank you for the week of “healthy training”!! It was an awesome kick start to a healthier me (and my family). I feel good.

Laura N.,
Lighthouse Point, FL


I was the picture of health…NOT! I drank too much. I slept too little. I ate anything that was fast and filling. It was obvious I needed a lifestyle change and some dietary TLC. Then, I met Connie!

She said “what we put in our bodies is what we get out” and emailed me her 7-day detox plan. It sounded simple enough… seven days and some veggies… still I doubted it would work on me. I delayed getting started but Connie’s offer to meet at Whole Foods to shop together pushed me over the edge. The extra support was exactly what I needed!

When I got home and unloaded the groceries, my husband said, “the refrigerator looks like a jungle!” Never before had I stocked up on so many leafy greens. Then suddenly, I found myself back in the kitchen trying easy new recipes and loving them! Each dish was more delicious than the next and the house smelled like heaven all the time!

Day by day, I started seeing changes from eating Connie’s “clean” ingredients. Who knew radishes we’re so anti-inflammatory? My varicose veins were shrinking before my eyes! My weight dropped a pound a day. My energy level increased. Even my body odors went away! The kids were helping me cook and the family was dining together. It was amazing!!!

Perhaps most telling were the results of my bloodwork upon a recent visit to the doctor. For the first time in years, everything came back normal! Even my cholesterol levels were perfect! I can honestly say, Connie helped transform and heal me inside and out.

Now my tastes have totally changed. I no longer need half the salt and seasonings I used to and cant stand the greasy taste of fried foods and butter. I crave the crisp crunch of salads and the refreshing boost of my morning smoothies. I look forward to the exotic flavors of turmeric and ginger and the heartiness of beans and lentils. I hope to continue eating healthy and living well forever. Thanks, Connie!

Gabrielle W.,
Boca Raton, FL