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belly fat weight loss

11 Effective Ways For How To Lose Belly Fat

     A specter is haunting the entire world, the specter of obesity. Obesity has become the norm, and a major health hazard threatening a sizeable section of the population in almost all countries and rapidly becoming endemic in the US. Nearly 35.7% of the adult population in the US or more than 1 out of

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weight loss facts

61 Amazing Facts About Weight Loss That You Hardly Knew

    With rising cases of obesity and increased health implications, excess weight has been a center of attention in the recent years. While most of us know it to be a bad thing, not many pay attention when it comes to maintaining the right weight. Listed below are 61 facts about weight loss that not many

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detox truth

Detoxification: Is This Controversial Method Safe Or Unsafe?

    When it comes to Detoxification the most common question that pops up “Is It Safe”, “Is It Beneficial”, “Should I try it”. Today I am sharing with you some interesting information about detoxification which may answer your above questions and help you in making your decision. There is a lot of information, to avoid confusion I

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foods high in carb

Healthy and Unhealthy Food: Uncover the real truth

    The topic of this post may be tempting but this is a serious topic as most people are confused in identifying healthy and unhealthy food. Today, I will be sharing with you some of the foods which you might have thought are healthy but in reality they are not. I will also show you how

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resolution of health issues today

Vitamins and Supplements, Are They A Waste Of Money?

    Supplements are a multi billion dollar industry. There are over 85,000 dietary supplements for sale in the US today and over 50% of Americans take some kind of supplements daily. Are you one of them? Many supplements claim they are absolutely pure, all natural ingredients and this sounds so good for us, natural is good

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How to Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

Find Out How to Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

     There are several things that can go wrong in your digestive system but the most common involve going too often to not at all. In this blog post you will discover the ways on how to keep your digestive system healthy. My condition was constipation. It was a constant preoccupation of mine for all

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can bananas help you lose weight

List of healthy foods and how you can benefit from them

    Today, I am going to share with you a list of healthy foods which can help in restoring your health. Also, I am including some recipes with these foods so that you can make it whenever you need some healthy to eat or drink.   Healing Green Salad This fresh and satisfying salad has plenty

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