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Best Ways To Lose Weight & Restoring Health Are Simple To Follow, But Difficult

best ways to lose weight

It all begins with a detox and it is still considered one of the best ways to lose weight. Stay with me!

I know the word detox has negative connotations for some people but a detox changed my life and I’d love to share with you how and why this happens.

Perhaps then you’ll want to give a detox a chance to change your life. Toxins not only affect our weight, they zap your energy and contribute to all the chronic disorders out there.

I spent years suffering from fatigue, constipation, adult acne, rosacea, painful cysts and I carried 10 toxic pounds I so desperately tried to lose.

A detox completely transformed my body and mind.

It resolved all these chronic disorders and got rid of those 10 toxic pounds. It took a long time for me to take the step to try a detox in fact if someone told me how food had helped them I simply rolled my eyes.

I never before believed food had such power over the way I felt and looked.

Toxins come in many forms and food is one of them.

Some foods are toxic period like excess sugar and chemicals like artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors and if you have food sensitivities the foods you are sensitive to are toxic to your unique body.

Toxins also lurk in the air we breath, the lotions, sunblocks, cosmetics, etc. we put on our skin, the cleaners we use around the house, the water we drink and more.

A detox gets to the root of the problem. Lets see how this works.

Obesityhow to reduce obesity

Weight management is not just about how many calories you take in. It’s about the messages sent to your body’s hormones.

Eat the wrong foods for your body and it becomes inflamed.

An inflamed body holds onto the weight. If you have not been able to lose weight no matter what it could be that your body needs to release toxins.

A detox will help you do just that. You can lose up to 7 toxic pounds in 7 days.


Sugar puts us in an energy roller coaster.quit sugar lose weight

It gives us a burst of energy just to be zapped a few hours later making us feel tired and cranky. When we’re tired and cranky we take more sugar and the endless cycle goes on.

Also, it causes inflammation. A detox eliminates all added sugars and incorporates meals or snacks using whole foods to help your body transition.

However, completely eliminating sugar can result in extreme fatigue.

Stress and anxiety

They cause the body to produce cortisol. A little cortisol is not bad in fact it natural remedies for anxietyhelp survive during flight or flee situations providing us with a burst of energy.

But, a steady flow of cortisol as in the case of chronic stress or anxiety causes inflammation.

A detox normally incorporates mind and body exercises such as breathing techniques and yoga to help your body relax.

Lack of sleep

During sleep, the body regenerates and the immune system calms down. Lack of restorative sleep is a major promoter of inflammation.sleep and weight loss

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune disorders you probably experience flare-ups and more pain if you have been sleep deprived this is because inflammatory cytokines are secreted at a higher rate when we don’t get enough sleep.

A detox incorporates a bedtime routine to help you unwind and breathing techniques to help you relax.

Food sensitivities

There are foods that can be problematic for some people.

The top three problem foods are excess sugar, gluten and dairy. If your gluten free diet weight lossbody is not able to properly digest these foods they cause inflammation and could even cause internal damage like the rupture of your gut barrier.

When this happens food particles leak into the bloodstream causing the immune system to respond.

These foods are usually part of a person’s food mix once or more times a day each time causing an immune system response. An overactive immune system leads to inflammation.

A detox eliminates these 3 top problem foods as well as others and re-nourishing your body with nutrient rich foods, this is why it is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Hormonesweight loss hormone

Hormones are responsible for all our body’s functions. An imbalance in hormones causes inflammation that leads to obesity, skin conditions and more.

A detox provides support to detoxification pathways so toxins can be expelled through the urinary tract, the bowl and skin.

If you are prone to skin conditions don’t be surprised if your skin flares up during a detox but once you’re done your skin will glow.


Chemicals are everywhere, fresheners, adhesives, cosmetics, chemical weight losscleaning products, glues, heavy metal, pesticides, pollution, artificial food colorings, flavorings and preservatives.

A detox eliminates all food related chemicals and shows you ways of reducing the chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Too much Alcohol

The recommended dose is no more that one drink a day. More than that can causes inflammation.

Alcohol is processed in the liver, our major organ of detoxification. It is well documented that excess alcohol intake results in compromised immunity and increased risk of infectious disease.alcohol weight loss

A detox does not leave room for any amount of alcohol and helps reset your body. It not only takes the bad stuff out but focuses on putting the good stuff in.

If you detox without replenishing it’s like taking the dirty oil out of your car and not putting any oil back in.

A simple whole food detox changed my life and this is the reason I consider it as one of the best ways to lose weight and restoring health. Can it change yours?

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Please feel free to share with me what helped you in losing weight or gaining energy. How did you restore your health? Share your views in the below comments section or you can directly write to me.

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