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"Perhaps most telling were the results of my bloodwork upon a recent visit to the doctor. For the first time in years, everything came back normal! Even my cholesterol levels were perfect! I can honestly say, Connie helped transform and heal me inside and out." - Gabrielle Weinstein, Boca Raton, FL
"Thank you for the week of “healthy training”!! It was an awesome kick start to a healthier me (and my family). I feel good." - Laura Novak, Lighthouse Point, FL
"The spring detox was amazing. The meals were easy to prepare and delicious. I challenge everyone to take just 7 days to see how this detox can change you body, your mind and your future." - Alyson, Boca Raton, FL
"I lost 5 pounds during the one week detox with Connie Costello. Her support was inspiring. The foods were delicious. Thanks Connie for a great week." - Clare, Lighthouse Point, FL
"I would like to share how wonderful I feel after doing my detox with Connie Costello. I lost 6 pounds during that week, my level of energy now it’s super high. I would do this detox again any time, feeling strong and healthy." - Marilyn Rose, Boca Raton, FL
"With the guidance of Mrs. Costello I have actively modified some of my dietary habits for the past 4 months including the elimination and addition of certain foods. I have also changed certain personal habits that I also believe have contributed to these positive results." - Richard L. Powers
"Connie has a great message, true integrity and egoless desire to help. Connie is truly a great listener." - Greg Dora
"Connie, You are a wealth of knowledge & kitchen wisdom! Your presentation was engaging & seamless ... thank you:)" - Rebecca Daniels (Teleclass Presentation)
"It has been a rewarding experience to work with Connie. My acid reflux is under control after Connie provided me with a helpful list of food items to avoid. I highly recommend working with Connie!" - Deb Dora (Trader)
"If your finally ready to take charge of your life and make wise decisions when it comes to what to eat and how foods affect your body, then Connie Costello is your go­to person." - William King, CEO/Executive Director (Youth Speak Out International)

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Health starts in your gut

70 to 80

percent of your immune system

resides in your gut

A healthy gut is able to filter,
eliminate toxins and releases excess weight.

Signs that your gut is not working. Acid reflux, Gas, Bloating, Constipation. Diarrhea

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